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Portrait Photography Christchurch

Christchurch business portrait – GOOD HABIT cafe

Life is good. And it is even better with the GOOD HABIT cafe. Good vibes, beautiful food and justView full post »

Christchurch personal brand photography – PURE PULP

Liked the vibe of the Re:Start Mall in the middle of Christchurch? Funky businesses in colourfulView full post »

Christchurch Personal Brand Photography – GREEN DINNER TABLE

I love food. These two Christchurch guys, Cole and Tom, have created the coolest dinner idea forView full post »

Business Photographer Wanaka – Florence’s Foodstore & Cafe

This is Sharyn and she is the creator of Florence’s Foodstore & Cafe in Wanaka. YouView full post »

Christchurch Personal brand photography – Food shots

Food. Since I am a little girl I have spent my pocket money on food. Not on comics, on cool bandView full post »

Business Photographer Christchurch – Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers

So there is this gorgeous shop I adore at the Tannery. Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers. There areView full post »

Christchurch family portrait photographer ~ Port Hills ~ Lisa, Ric, Joe and Issy

Some families just have it. That essence. That invisible glue. I am not a writer or poet yet but aView full post »

Family Portrait Photographer – Christchurch – Port Hills

Family Portrait Photographer Christchurch Sometimes life is really simple. To all those men outView full post »

Family Portrait Photographer – Christchurch – Victoria Park

Family Portrait Photographer Christchurch Kuddelmuddel. (pronounceView full post »

Family Portrait Photographer – Akaroa – Robinsons Bay

Familiy Portrait Photographer Christchurch Families and family baches. There is this tradition,View full post »

Christchurch family portrait photographer – Mark & Mel with Arthur

New parents. Pretty magical. Pretty exhausting. Pretty much everything, all the time, ups andView full post »

Family portrait photographer – Christchurch – Taylors Mistake

There are times in your life when you realize how precious it is to have some beautifulView full post »