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Our priceless treasure in life.

We are all longing for photographs that show our families the way we truly are and show us connected with our family. Often we are hesitant to have our portrait taken as most photos that exist of us, rarely show us in the way we know ourselves and the ones we love most. My gift is to create an atmosphere where you all are able to connect to yourself and with each other. An intuitive process that brings moments of presence where you all connect with the parts within yourself, your heart and soul that make your beauty radiate. Beauty comes from the smiles, touches, laughter, playfulness and connectedness in a family. It comes from this place within you which is the home of your family’s soul.


“We love what Stephanie has captured. The family photographs are real, wonderful and will be treasured for a long time. When we look at what she has created, we think of fabulous times with loved ones – more precious than gold.” Vicky



Pricing: $1490-$1990

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“Stephanie took us to the most beautiful places in nature. It felt more like an adventure than an appointment and it was a lot of fun. We have two teenage girls who are very skeptical about their photos, but they also loved the results.”   Christina


“Steph is brilliant, warm, passionate and has a great eye for detail.”   Melanie


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