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A portrait session for yourself or for your whole family is a unique and quite precious experience. Most of us are avoiding to have our portrait taken as most photos that exist of us make us feel uncomfortable or we do not think that we are beautiful. Many photos of us exist but none of them show us the way we know ourselves. We are longing for photographs that show who we truly are, show us connected and evoke magical feelings of joy and love. My gift is to create an atmosphere where you are able to connect within yourself. An intuitive process that brings moments of presence where you connect with the parts of yourself that make your beauty radiate. As for me, beauty comes from the inside as inner strengths, life experiences, wisdom, truth, depth, respect and love. It comes from this place within you which is the home of your soul.


“Stephanie is able to capture the soul of a person

because she has a beautiful soul herself.”



When I was a child I often did not feel seen the way I truly was. I felt so different to anyone else. I knew things and I could sense things others could not. I can see a beauty that comes from the inside of a person which has nothing to do with the optical appearance. When I look at you I really see who you truly are. Your uniqueness. Your frequency, your soul.

Did you know that each snowflake is unique? So are we. Often we try to be similar to someone we admire. Or we try to blend in. But we are all so very very different – our inner light is different. When I see your beauty, I see your wisdom, your connectedness, your goodness, your kindness, your listening skills, your boasting energy, your mindfulness. And I want to show this to you in photographs, so you can show this to others. When people see your photo on LinkedIn or on your website or in your book, then they will feel your energy. Everything that is in you will shine through you – through your face and your eyes which are the gate to your soul. And it shines through what you do. And how you do it.

My biggest joy in life is to walk along with your inside world. These landscapes is what I photograph best. And when you see your photos for the first time, you feel really seen. Your soul will be visible. And I understand your joy and gratitude as I remember how I felt as a child. My own longing for being seen who I truly am.

I am a soul portrait photographer. And I am really looking forward to meeting you in person soon.



“Stephanie took us to the most beautiful places in nature. It felt more like an adventure than an appointment and it was a lot of fun. We have two teenage girls who are very skeptical about their photos, but they also loved the results.”   Christina


“We love what Stephanie has captured. The family photographs are real, wonderful and will be treasured for a long time. When we look at what she has created, we think of fabulous times with loved ones – more precious than gold.” Vicky


“Steph is brilliant, warm, passionate and has a great eye for detail.”   Melanie


“Stephanie truly sees you~ your authentic self and captures your essence in her exquisite photographs.”  Camila


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