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Many photos of you exist but probably hardly any of them show you the way you know and see yourself.

You know who you are, you love what you do and you are someone who has a positive impact on us human beings, animals, the land (whenua) and the planet as a whole. You will have experienced many failures but got up every single time and kept walking towards your goals and dreams. You know that one day, you will be dust but right now you are alive and this aliveness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – shines through you from your soul, your spirit and your personality. You are beautiful because of your inner strengths, life experiences, wisdom, truth, depth, respect, love and presence. And that is worth capturing in a photograph.

I have photographed many leaders, founders, adventurers, change makers, authors, artists, poets, innovators, great minds, visionaries, philosophers, mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs and film makers – simply amazing people.

Let’s connect if you are looking for a camera and soul whisperer, a photographer who can create images of your authenticity.


“Stephanie is able to capture the soul of a person

because she has a beautiful soul herself.” Ellie




Tell me about your ideas and fill out a short questionnaire.

Have a meeting via video/or in person for the details.

Choose your favourite image(s) at or after the session.

Receive the download link with the edited images within 2 -14 days.

 Pricing starts from $500. Most clients spend around $2000-4000.




“Stephanie truly sees you~ your authentic self and captures your essence in her exquisite photographs.”  Camila


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