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“If you are looking for a great photographer with the sweetest personality and the kindest heart then look no further.” Jayda


Thanks Jayda!  Aroha, my name is Stephanie.

I am a professional photographer, nature lover, romantic and mother of three teenage children – living my life in a soulful and purposeful way. (And still burning food far too often.)

My own story begins in Munich, Germany, a city near the Alps and a place of traditions, culture and art. My great-great-grandfather Franz von Defregger was a famous painter and because of this, I grew up surrounded by beautiful soulful artworks and strong family traditions. It was his son who built our family hut 110 years ago, high up in the Italian mountains, surrounded by ancient forests – the place of my soul.

Someone in my family gave me a camera at the age of 10 and I can still remember the feeling when I dropped a roll of film to the lab and the excitement and anticipation when I picked up the prints one week later. The smell of those prints and the anticipated revelation how the photos turned out – that was a thrill in my teenage years.

When I was older, I kept taking travel photos and photographed weddings of friends, but only when I was assisting a professional wedding photographer in Wanaka I thought “I could do this as a job”. So I printed business cards and went door knocking at wedding venues, with a baby on my hip, and it all started from there.

Back then, I had a few hiccups. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I started to expand my knowledge, learned more skills and upgraded my equipment, and thanks to hundreds of shootings, the experience grew by itself.

Now, 12 years later, I am more passionate than ever to give you beautiful and soulful images of yourself, your family, your business or event. Experiencing my clients’ reactions when they see their photos for the first time, their excitement, their awe and with the soul portraits even their tears, taught me how powerful soulful photographs are.

If you are looking for a photographer that captures the soul –

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A wee film by the talented Ryan Wilkes about my photography:


A lovely podcast with the amazing Steven Moe of about my background and growing up in Munich, my move to NZ and my work as a photographer:


My backstage me:

I still get nervous before every photo shoot.

Often I feel so different to everyone else I know. 

I can see the aura of trees.

Spent 10 days by myself at our family hut in winter, melting snow to have water and only candle light. (Click here for the PechaKucha talk)

Since years I am dreaming of spending one whole year at our family hut in the Italian Alps with people hiking up to have their portrait taken in this magical place.


What are your dreams? Let’s connect.

(+64) 02102 394 395