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“Having Stephanie at our wedding was an absolute joy. Her photos are absolutely epic and she is the sort of person that seemingly effortlessly blends into her surroundings. We very much appreciated her calm, enthusiastic and unobtrusive presence – she put even the most camera-shy people at ease.”  Sonja


You are a couple that is down to earth, relaxed, deeply in love with each other, and now you are looking for someone to capture the soul and essence of your wedding day. You are researching for the right photographer as you want your wedding photography to be in an organic, fun & relaxed way capturing the wonderful time you have with your families & friends. You are also looking for an experienced wedding  photographer who knows what to capture when, directs gently and does this all in a happy, friendly, calm and unobtrusive way. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable on the day, knowing that you have chosen a photographer who is taking great care and gentleness around everyone, even your shyest guests. Because in the end, you want to remember that day as you felt it and cannot wait to receive beautiful and soulful images of our wedding that you know you will treasure forever.


I can help you with beautiful wedding photographs.


Pricing: $2590 to $4990.

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“Stephanie truly captures the story from beginning to end in her photos and even the parts you may have missed, her photos are amazing. They are all beautiful and with each picture telling a story from our wedding day it gives me butterflies as if I was there again.”  Jayda



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“Steph was an absolute wonder! We clicked right from the word go and she made our big day an unforgettable one. We rant and rave about her at any opportunity we get. Such a beautiful soul.”  Karen